Export to Asia

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International trading

In 1994 Oliver Springer startet exporting metals to Asia.

Main import countries are:

  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia
  • Korea
  • India
In these countries Springer & Sohn works meanwhile with over 50 customers, including the biggest aluminium remelting plant in Shanghai.

Main export grades are:

  • copper cable containing 38% copper
  • brass scrap honey
  • cast aluminium with up to 5% iron attachments
  • electric motors
  • refrigerator compressors (sealed units)
  • aluminium sheets, briquetted, with 2% iron attachments
  • zinc scrap score with a tolerance of 2% for tar and iron attachments

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Oliver Springer mit chinesischen Geschäftspartnern

André and Oliver Springer

Export to Asia

Export to Asia

Export to Asia

In China the insulation is separated from wires by hand. Single families organize the wire buying, the treatment and the selling of gained raw material.